Celebrate National Masturbation Month With Me

Celebrate National Masturbation Month

Yes, believe it or not, May is National Masturbation Month, an annual event to celebrate the right to masturbate and protest the social stigma against masturbation.

The idea of a “right to masturbate” makes me smile. ¬† I admit that I’ve suspended the right to masturbate¬† — or at least the right to orgasm — often enough on my femdom fetish phone sex calls¬† and I will keep right on doing it.¬† Because I¬† totally support MY right to enjoy, explore and control the irresistible male craving to masturbate.¬† Because I do love taking control of your cock and putting a femdom spin on your masturbation habits.

So put your cock in my hands and celebrate National Masturbation Month with a call to me for:

* tease and denial

* JOI / jerk off instruction

* orgasm control

* ruined orgasms

* cum-eating

* humiliating masturbation instruction

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Sissy Humiliation Assignment

You’ve probably seen lots of humiliation assignments and thought “that’s a hot fantasy but no one would ever really do it”.¬† Most of the time, you’re probably right.¬† But here’s a great pic from the sissy humiliation assignment one of my callers completed today.¬† Step one was going to a nail salon for a manicure and having his nails done in that very girly pink shade.


You can just imagine what the cute manicurist and the other women in the salon were thinking as he sat there having his nails painted, can’t you?

But this visit was just the first part of his humiliation assignment.¬† I thought he needed more today than just this.¬† So he still had one more place to go after this with his embarrassingly bright pink sissy fingernails.¬†¬† I wonder if any of you think you know where I’d send him?¬† Call me and take a guess.

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